About Eugene

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Hi there, I’m Eugene! My family is originally from Korea, although I grew up in the UK – Cambridge, to be exact. I guess it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of the English Premier League (come on United!), or that I used to camp out to buy the new Harry Potter books on their release date.Growing up in the UK helped shape my world. Having all the amazing countries of Europe at my fingertips gave me an appreciation for travel early on and helped me to understand the importance of capturing all the details of our adventures so they can be revisited later on. My travels showed me the importance of learning about the differences in cultures around the world. I was taught that in anything we do, some things that may be so obvious to one's belief, may not be so obvious in others.During my childhood my mum was always there to snap a picture of me and my brother, and it wasn’t long before I picked up a camera of my own. I guess you could say I come by it honestly.When I first started in photography, I loved heading into remote areas to capture a beautiful sunrise from the top of a mountain, or an inky night sky full of stars and galaxies.

When I began photographing weddings I took everything I had learned from my early years with me. I like to place people in a landscape and using the surrounding environment to draw out our imaginations. A still image can say so much, it really is quite astonishing.Just like life, weddings can be unpredictable - and I think that’s half the fun. Sometimes I find I’m not just a photographer, but a wedding planner, travel agent, tour guide, and even personal security! Preparing for the unexpected and adapting to new situations as they arise and creating something beautiful out of them is such an amazing experience. Even after all these years I still find myself excited to rush home and start looking through all the images I captured after every shoot. Curious to know more about me?

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