Let Love Lead the Way: Travel Dates for Unplanned Bliss

Calling all adventurous souls tying the knot! Craving stunning scenery, epic memories, and breathtaking photos for your elopement but on a budget? Buckle up, lovebirds, because every time I hit the road, I will try to include one or two more sessions while I am already there.

The following are the currently available schedules for 2024:

18th Venice, Italy
19th Venice, Italy
24th Dolomites, Italy
25th Parma, Italy
26th Como, Italy

10th Isle of Skye, Scotland
11th Isle of Skye, Scotland
12th London, UK

Here’s the deal:

  • Discounted Date Adventures: I have a few extra slots on my travel schedule, and guess what? You can snag them for a special price! That means epic elopement photos in [destination 1] on [date 1] or [destination 2] on [date 2] at a sweet discount.
  • Destination Delights: Picture saying “I do” with mountains as your backdrop, or exchanging vows on a secluded beach. These locations are handpicked for their romance and adventure potential.
  • My Photo Magic: I’ll capture every tear, laugh, and stolen glance, crafting a visual story of your elopement that’ll make your hearts swoon for years to come.

Is this your sign? Spots are limited, so don’t wait! Contact me HERE and let’s chat about crafting your dream elopement adventure. Bonus points if you tell me your ultimate vision – I love getting creative!

P.S. Follow me on Instagram [@eugenekimphotography] for more elopement inspiration and sneak peeks of my travel adventures.

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