24 Hour Sneak Peeks

Why sneak peeks within 24 hours from a wedding?

One of the things that we do here at Eugene Kim Photography is we send sneak peeks within 24 hours. Usually they range from about 10 images to 20 images.

The three reasons why we do this:
1. For safety, all the equipment we use can malfunction at any time, from cameras to sd cards, the best way to keep everything safe is to create copies and store them in different locations. For example, we create total of 6 copies per images, the first two copies are created as soon as we take the photo, we then create another copy by transferring the files to our external hard drive before we leave the venue using Gnarbox. When we arrive at home, we copy the files into two separate hard drives, one to SSD and one to a regular hard drive. Finally, the hard drive is backed up to cloud system.
2. In a world where us photographers are competing with people sharing photos almost instantly to families and friends, it is important that we keep up with the pace and provide the anticipation for our clients too.
3. Finally this only applies to people who requests a touch-up service. Not everyone wants it, so I only do them by request and these sneak peeks are great way for them to tell me if the amount of touch up is good.

Photography | @eugenekimphotography
Wedding Coordinator | @eventsbyhana
Floral Designer | @naakitifloral
MC & DJ | @shine.entertainment
Band | @luckydevilsband
Venue | St. Viator Church & @Bellagio

Getting Ready at Bellagio Las Vegas

Groom putting jacket on as a final touch of getting ready
Bride posing in the room where she got ready photo in black and white
Detail shot of the wedding dress over looking Eiffel Tower from Bellagio Las Vegas
Wedding ceremony at St.Viator Catholic Church

It is located on the East Flamingo about 15 minutes away from Bellagio with the traffic.

Landscape view of st. Viator Catholic Church on east Flamingo
Getting ready for the ceremony inside the st. Viator Catholic Church
During the ceremony inside the st. Viator Catholic Church
Bride and groom during the ceremony
Bride and groom exiting the church after the wedding ceremony
Back at Bellagio for couple portrait, reception and Paebaek

If you would like learn little more about the paebaek please click here, the wedding magazine brides has a pretty good article about it and I will elaborate on it when I complete editing Emily and Andrew’s wedding day.

Bride and groom back at Bellagio Las Vegas for couple portrait
Black and white photo of bride and groom grand entrance
Bride and groom trying to catch during paebaek
Bride collecting their honeymoon money during paebaek

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