Wedding Process & Approach

What to Expect

1. Approach

  • This is where we discuss if we are the best fit for each other.

2. Preparing

  • We prepare for your big day together from getting to know you to just getting the logistic right.

3. After The Wedding

  • You are probably going on a honeymoon and I am working hard to get the photos done.

4. Storybook

  • With all the final images, we will meet again to view those photographs and to design your storybook together


When couples ask me in which order should vendors be booked, I usually say either Venue or the Photographer should be the first vendor to book because those two will really dictate the style of weddings you are going for.

Selecting a Photographer

Before choosing a photographer, I usually suggest either using Instagram or Pinterest to create a mood board. Save all the photos you like whether that is for the colours, pose, framing, composition, or at a venue you booked. Before searching for the photographers, set a budget (or the % of the entire wedding budget) that way you know how much you value photography in your wedding.


Reach out to all the photographers you like as early as possible, if the wedding is happening in high season where the venue is located, reach out even sooner. When reaching out, if you could include the venue (if not decided the type of venue you are looking for so I could give you a few recommendations) and a little behind story of you two. Oh and I need the name and emails of both parties to send the proposals.


Based on your inquiry, I’ll curate three proposals. And because every proposal is customized often time clients are happy to choose one from the three, but if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, we could customize even more. This is what we used to do but as you probably already saw we have completely opened the packages and pricing to make our couples to find the information more easily and more quickly and whenever you need it.



Ask lots of questions, write everything down and a lot of planning.

Contracts & Retainer

Once one of the proposals is decided, we sign the contract, I send another questionnaire for more details and ask for a 50% non-refundable retainer.

Engagement or Pre-Wedding Session

This is a great way to get to know each other and also, even though engagement sessions are quite different to the wedding, you can see how I work. If you are a camera shy, this is also a great practice as we'll see how I make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.


If you are in town or if you are a local, we can meet up for a cup of coffee (or tea) and just get to know each other. This is good time to hear your wedding vision, from the story you want to share, to family situations that you would like to include in the photos, or just the overall vibe you like. If you have a mood board you created when selecting me, this is a good time to show me.


If you have a wedding coordinator, this is when we will be sending lots of emails and messages to fine tune the details.

It's your wedding day, enjoy it.

After Wedding

Ask lots of questions, write everything down and a lot of planning


Camera, SD Cards, External Hard Drives, all these have potential to fail at any point. Therefore we have backups. We bring at least two, sometime three cameras, just in case one malfunction in the middle of the wedding. When we photograph, there are two SD Cards in each and every camera, so two of the same images are created and saved, in case one malfunction. (Chances of two malfunctions at the same time is very very low)
After the wedding, before we leave the venue (probably in the car), we make a copy to an external hard drive creating a third copy. Once we get to our office, I copy those photographs to two other hard drives, one working hard drive and one back-up. Then the back-up hard drive is also backed up on to the cloud, creating total of 6 copies of each and every image. So even if there’s a fire at our office, the files are safe. To let you know the photographs are safe, we usually send sneak peeks within 24 hours from the wedding.


The whole process of editing and completing the photos usually takes around 6 weeks from the wedding.


Ask lots of questions, write everything down and a lot of planning

Album Design

The best way to tell the story even in this digitalized days is through wedding album. Hence every package includes at least a few pages towards the album.


If we can meet in person, I will probably invite you to our office to go over the photos and show you the album design. If we cannot, we will do all this over the zoom call.

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