Eugene Kim Photography

I am an introvert, so having a space where I can think was crucial. That place when growing up was out in the nature; among the trees, in the middle of a field or top of a hill or mountain where I could see sunrise or sunset. Upon moving to Las Vegas, I wrote some blogs offering a photography session for honeymoon couples visiting Las Vegas or the surrounding great nature. I got two inquiries and used those two as my portfolio. Then I got more inquiries. I ended up photographing over 15 couples within my first six months of starting. One of the reasons a lot of my honeymoon couple’s photos show a lot of surroundings and small sized couple is to tell the story of where they are and where they are spending their honeymoon. It shows the type of buildings that are around them, maybe a glimpse of the weather, sometime even the time of the year. I guess this is a habit I formed photographing nature and travels to Europe and Asia. I managed to photograph over 300 couples in just over three years. My business grew and some couples inquired me for their wedding.

So Eugene Kim Photography was born.

Now I absolutely love photographing weddings. I’ve come a long way in my photography journey, but I still have so many things I want to do. For example, I hope to travel different parts of the world to photograph weddings, such as Amalfi Coast in Italy, Lake Como in Italy, Cambridge in the UK, Banff in Canada, Maui in Hawaii, Koh Samui in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, and Jeju in Korea.

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